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      Due to house sale I am selling my small herd and all my pig/smallholding equipment.

      Herd comprises:

      1 Patrick boar and 5 sows – Dolly, Princess Freda, Princess Mary, Countess, Muriel. Dolly has a litter at foot and I have 5 boar weaners available too.

      My herdmark with the BPA is SZW if you would like to look up their details.

      I have lots of pig arks, with floors. Hurdles, troughs, Masterject etc.

      Please contact me on or give me a call on 01409 241514 with any questions, or if you would like pictures.

      Many thanks.


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        So sorry to hear that you are selling up. I hope that we can help find new homes for your herd and everything else.

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          Thank you. I really appreciate that.

          It’s not an easy thing to be doing.

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            Thankfully I’m finding good homes for my breeding stock.

            Only pigs left now:

            Patrick boar – Roger
            Countess sow
            5 boar weaners

            Thank you everyone


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              Only one pig left to rehome now.

              Bramblebee Patrick 499 – DPL 499 – DoB 18/8/12

              A really lovely, friendly boar who is producing some fantastic litters.

              If you would like more details please email or call.

              01409 241514

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                Thank you everyone who has helped!

                ALL my pigs have new homes, so none will have to go to market. I’m so grateful for those of you who have helped me.

                The last of the pigs leave next Tuesday, so all my equipment etc will be available from then until 17th August.

                Still remaining:

                2 x farrowing arks
                2 of 8′ x 8′ arks
                1 of 8 x 5 ark

                Delivery possible

                Also available:

                Rubber trugs
                Tattoo pliers etc

                Let me know if you would like pictures.

                Again, many many thanks.


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