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      hi, as people know we gave up breeding pigs this year due to the loss of our boar, one of our favourite sows and of course the ever rising costs of feeding/bedding/BPA stuff!

      Anyhow we bought a masterject gun when first had pigs, it was a godsend for larger pigs to worm them, easy to use, easy to administer, with a 6ft pole the pig doesn’t even know it was you, our boar used to charge around looking for the culprit who’d dared to ‘stab’ him with no success then come to us for a reassuring cuddle LOL!

      Anyhow it’s the gun in it’s bag, not sure if we’ve got any needles but may have a oouple of syringes however these are easy enough to buy on the masterject site, the system as stands is £200 to buy!

      £80 plus postage as it’s sitting gathering dust, I did keep hold of it thinking may come in handy for injecting the cows but we’ve never bothered and just do them when run them through the crush anyway!

      Ed 07974 197820

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        Is this still for sale?


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          hi it’s sold sorry, don’t often come on now with not having piggles!

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