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    Dear All and Anyone,!!
    My wife and I along with Brother and Sister in law go as spectactors to at least one agricultural show a year and to be honest the prices are going up all the time .
    We use to go to “The Royal” then that closed- so we have been to various others each year , 3 counties ,Builth Wells , or Royal Welsh , Somerset etc to name a few.
    My point is, Surely as a club We should be able (if we give our number or something) to obtain a discount for without us and fellow Agricultural users and exhibiters another show or shows will be closing and at an average of £23-£25 per person it’s becoming a costly day out!!
    Just a point to think about and maybe the committee could think on that one as well for if nothing else we would be a bit ahead of the other conservation breeders and maybe attract some more people to have ago with GOS again.
    Thanks for listening to my rant and thoughts .Malcolm j White.



    I agree with you Malcolm, last year the GYS was £27 a day. I get a members badge now for £58 which gets you ahead parking and entry on all 3 days, even if i cant go i give my badge to a relative or friend to use.
    But its not only entry to the show for spectators that is going up, even with my members badge reductions it still cost me well over £100 to enter 5 pigs in classes at the GYS, i spent £310 in entrance fees last year and won £560 but take into account i spend between £50-£100 every show just on diesel and then add in my time and the pigs keep. At the end of the day showing is my hobby and i enjoy meeting the public and promoting my GOS,just have to spend less on Pinot Grigio I guess!!
    I can only suggest you support some of the smaller local agricultural shows that are under a tenner to get in, i do about 10 of these kind of shows a year and its only a few quid per pig in the classes and it gets my pigs known in the local area.



    Thanks for the reply- I’m only just getting back into “the fold” from being away from it for a couple of years although I stayed a member -Just bought 3 Weaners from Jonathan Crump here in Gloucestershire -will be keeping one and will have a go at breeding and showing although to be honest it will be a bit scary at first! I have now retired and might be able to have a bit of time to “have a go” although this retirement lark is very, very, busy!!!
    Anyway thanks for the feed back and I quite understand were your coming from on the “going to the Show” and expenses front no wonder Youngsters can’t afford it. stuff.
    I will introduce myself (Sorry!) to You on the circuit when I see you cheers Malcolm.

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