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      Please note the GOSPBC does not and has never owned these products nor does it now receive any of the proceeds from their sale.

      Superior Tattooing Equipment Superior Tattooing Equipment You should only need to buy one tattooing kit in your lifetime so make sure it’s good quality. You will find cheaper equipment but one of the things that exercises established breeders is the poor quality of many tattoos in pig’s ears that become illegible in a short space of time.
      Part of the problem is technique but the biggest failing is the equipment available in the UK which is why the Club have been instrumental in importing from Canada special pliers that take 14mm high characters which are chisel point instead of needle point. Such numbers carry more ink through the pig’s ear which, coupled with the larger size, means that there’s a much better chance of the ear number being legible throughout the pig’s life. Remember these are not only suitable for GOS but Large White, Tamworth, Middle White, Welsh, British Lop, Oxford Sandy & Black, Pietrain, Landrace etc.
      Pliers £72.95 – Numbers £42.95/set + £4.50p&p
      For details on how to order Tel 01285 860229
      Nos. in sets 0—9
      1 set will do nos 1-10 2 sets 11-110 3 sets 111-1110 4 sets 1111-9999

      For details on how to order Tel Richard Lutwyche 01285 860229

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