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    Hi Everyone.

    We have now Tattooed approx. 30 pigs with the 14mm chisel numbers and letters and with 2 types of readily available ink & Paste. We have found that all of them have not taken and lasted. We have tried several methods, but nothing works. Can we get some advice please.


    Bruce & Rhona


    Hi Rhona, my first question would be what type of paste are you using, If it is from a tube then I would suggest that you buy the type that is sold in tins, it is much thicker and does not seperate. You need to use a toothbrush (preferably not the one you are planning to use the next day for your own teeth) Put some paste on the teeth of the tatoos then on the side of the ear, tattoo firmly, then with more ink rub both sides of the tattooed ear. Try to avoid veins and the outside edge of the ear but place the pliers as centrally as possibly where the ear is the thinnest, hopefully this should produce a good long lasting result. It is preferable to tattoo sooner rather than later, the piglets are easier to hold and as long as the ear is big enough the needles will penetrate smoothly, Marlene




    If l may add to this conservation, could l just ask what size and brand tattoo pliers people are using?
    I’ve started out using the Fearing offering (7mm) to mixed results, but would the 14mm offering recommended by the club and other versions out there be worth an upgrade. Any brand recommendations? thanks

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    Thanks Marlene, We used green raidex paste from a tube first time. We then spoke to Ketchum Uk who recommended their green ink. This is thinner but worked better than the raidex. Everything is as you described using an toothbrush etc.
    But if you apply ink to both sides of ear are you piercing the ear fully with needles? Perhaps we are not piercing the ear fully.

    Thanks Rhona.


    What Brands of paste do other members use?


    Hi Jemesh, Not sure if upgrading would be much better. We were advised when we bought some GOS weaners to get 14mm letters as we did not have any tattoo equipment. We bought the Ketchum pliers advertised on the forum. We are happy with them and the price was good. It is the technique that we can’t get. But will try again in September with advice from Marlene.


    Judith Clevedon

    I have always used the thick black Raidex paste in a tub, but it must be kept
    moist, some times I have to damp it down with a splash of water.
    But what I find most important and is showing up now in old age with week
    hands, is that you must make sure you squeeze the tongues very firmly and
    I keep replenishing the paste on the numbers that have been used on the previous pig and lots on the new number added. Using a tooth brush as Marlene said and I also brush more past into the ear itself after I have done it especially if it bleeds as I wonder if the ink has washed out.
    I have never had the needles come through the other side of the ear but then I don’t do mine until they are 6 weeks old as my numbers are old 20mm and I like a good ear to work on.
    Good luck Judith


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