This is the page where the club will post latest GOS and Pig news. Any news pertinent to members only will be in the Members Access only news area. You can send any GOS or pig related news to

Since the decision at the 2022 AGM to discontinue Spot Press in its present form i.e a 28 page quarterly newsletter; you will find us using this page more often to issue information and update you on progress.

Don’t forget the placing of adverts in ‘Marketplace’ is available to ALL pedigree GOS breeders and keepers or anyone looking for GOS pigs. If you have any suggestions for any other changes you would like to see please let us know

Lately we are seeing more and more pigs including GOS being put up for sale some due to genuine change in circumstances but the majority due to spiralling feed and fuel costs so just a word of warning, please please check the provenance of any of these pigs, ascertain it is definitely pedigree by asking for its pedigree registration  number beginning with GS. A lot of sellers will try to convince you ‘pure bred’ is the same its not and in the office we end up with unsuspecting buyers asking us to register these pigs so buyer beware. Do your homework. Check out pedigrees at

We hope a good many of you have now had all your covid vaccinations and boosters and remain well.  It’s worth making sure you have in place contingency plans should you or your family become ill and unable to tend to your animals. Please do keep an eye or ear out for those around you who may be struggling with the consequences of this pandemic and keep in touch with each other by phone or email. You don’t need to be a Facebook member to look at the Club’s Facebook page which is updated almost daily find it here.

Make sure we have an up to date e-mail address for you as this is the most speedy and cost effective way of letting you know what’s happening in the GOS world. 

This leaflet about the Club can be downloaded to help promote the Club along with Breeder pack information which you can find in the Members Area. You can also have hard copies sent to you by the Secretary so if you would like some to give to customers or take to shows please get in touch. 

GOSPBC breed leaflet 

The GOSPBC committee meets on a regular basis if you feel you can bring some skills/help/ideas or you have a subject you would like them to discuss please contact Club Secretary Mandy Garbutt.

A standing order mandate can be downloaded from the members area.  Once its set up you needn’t worry about renewal again and it means we won’t spend time chasing you to renew. You can also set up a standing order from an online banking account using the details from the form. Every little helps!