This is the page where the club will post latest news items which come in between issues of Spot Press. Any news pertinent to members only will be in the Members Access only news area. You can send any GOS or pig related news to

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Spot Press Winter/Xmas 2019 is under way. So please remeber to renew your subscription if you wish to continue to receive it. If you have any queries at all or news, articles or photos to send please get in touch

GDPR – Data Protection. With your Spot Press you will receive a letter about how the Club needs to comply with the latest regulations. It is very important you read this and respond accordingly.

This leaflet about the Club can be downloaded to help promote the Club.

GOSPBC breed leaflet 

The Club is actively looking for new committee members. The committee meets only 2 or 3 times a year at a time & place mutually convenient usually at Stoneleigh Agricultural Centre. It oversees the running of the Club. If you feel you can bring some skills/help/ideas to the committee please contact Club Secretary Marlene Renshaw.

A copy of the club insurance certificate & the full schedule is now available in members news area . You will need to log-in to access.

Some of the changes to the website are starting to come on line the most noticable being that placing adverts is available only to paid up members now. An additional benefit of being a club member.  ‘Marketplace’ is open to public viewing and only member participation. If you have any suggestions for any other changes please let us know

A standing order mandate can be downloaded from the members area.  Once its set up you needn’t worry about renewal again and it means we won’t spend time chasing you to renew. You can also set up a standing order from an online banking account using the details from the form. Every little helps!