The Breed Standard is set by the British Pig Association and describes the various elements that make a good pig for breeding or showing. Use the standard judiciously in an effort to only register and breed from the best stock. Through the link below, we show in detail good and bad points to look out for. Don’t get too concerned. If you are looking at a piglet of 8 weeks old, you won’t be able to detect a heavy jowl but concentrate on the important elements such as the legs, underline (teats) and overall conformation.

Poundbury Muriel 8 - one of the major show pigs in the breed

Poundbury Muriel 8 – one of the major show pigs in the breed

The GOS is a large breed, white in colour with a minimum of one distinct black spot. It has lop ears which will almost cover the face of a mature pig.

Head: Medium length.

Nose: Medium length and slightly dished.

Ears: Well set apart, dropping forward to se, not at the sides, nor thick nor coarse, not longer than nose.

Neck: Medium length with jowl little pronounced.

Shoulders: Fine but not raised.

Back: Long and level; should not drop behind shoulders.

Ribs: Deep, well sprung.

Loin: Very broad.

Sides: Deep, presenting straight bottom line. Belly and flank, full thick. Well-filled line from ribs to hams.

Quarters: Long and wide with thick tail set well up.

Hams: Large and well filled to hocks.

Legs: Straight and strong.

Skin: Must not show coarseness or wrinkles. Coat: Silky and not curly. No mane bristles. Not less than one clean decisive spot of black hair on black skin. Black should not predominate.

Underline: Straight, with a minimum of fourteen sound, evenly spaced and well-placed teats starting well forward.


Ears: Short, thick and elevated.

Coat: A rose disqualifies. A line of mane bristles is objectionable. Sandy colour may disqualify.

Skin: Serious wrinkles. Blue undertone not associated with a spot.

Legs: Crooked.

Neck: Heavy jowl objectionable.

Here is a guide to some of the more important features to look for when selecting pigs. Selecting Pigs for Pedigree Registration@2010-07-25T11;01;18

Did You Know? The most expensive pig in Britain according to the Guinness Book of Records was a Foston herd Gloucestershire Old Spots boar, which sold at auction in 1994 for 4,000 guineas (£4,200).

Britain's most expensive pig.

Britain’s most expensive pig.