The Gloucestershire Old Spots Pig Breeders  Club is dedicated to conserving our breed for future generations. The total number of GOS pigs and breeders has gone up and down over the years but conservation is not just about numbers.  With such relatively small populations we have to make sure that our pigs don’t become inbred and standards are maintained. We also have to make sure that our pigs are not all in one area of the country in case we get another disease outbreak like Foot and Mouth in 2001. Over the years the Club has put in place initiatives with the help of Club members to conserve failing lines like Primrose and Princess Freda

The Club working alongside the British Pig Association, Deerpark and the Rare Breeds Survival has been working on a method of conservation called genebanking; because pig embryos cannot be frozen this focuses on freezing boar semen. The aim being to secure 10 boars semen from 10 breeds. The GOS breed is the first breed to have 10 boars genebanked.

You can find more about the conservation plans for 2021 onwards here.

BPA-conservation-strategy-update-2021   &  gs-conservation-breeding-plan-2021