Club Contact Details

Please direct enquiries to the appropriate committee member, who will help you. Unless your enquiry is urgent, please initially contact via email and please include a telephone number and where you are in the UK.

You can also email the Club at

Committee Role Name Enquiry Area Email Tel. No.
President: Marlene Renshaw Email 01507 533209
Chairman: Teresa Cook Email 07980742671
Vice-Chairman Guy Kiddy Email 01767650884
Treasurer: Maria Naylor EMail 01825 890946 07801230835
Secretary: Mandy Garbutt General enquiries & Spot Press, PR/News Email 07979858757
Show Secretary Debbie Dallaway All Show & Rosette enquiries Email 07792136414
Committee Judy Hancox Email 07904243140
Committee Alfie Dallaway   Email
Committee Sarah Whitley Email 01423781792
Committee Lolly Bell-Tye Email 07821174726
Committee Josh Bell-Tye Email

If you have a query about registration or pedigree matters, you should contact the BPA Breed Representative Teresa Cook (photo below) contact details above.

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Did You Know? A pair of GOS pigs, The King of England and The Queen of England, were exported to America in the early years of the breed society and used in the development of the Spotted Poland China breed (now known as the National Spotted breed). Others were used to develop the Minnesota No.3 breed in the 1950s. In the mid-1990s, twenty unrelated examples of the breed were exported to the States to help re-establish the breed there in its pure form. Visit for more information on GOS in the USA.