The Ministry of Justice announced today that East Sutton Park prison will close.

Why is this on the GOS site? – Because many members will know that East Sutton Park is a womens’ open prison, and has the ColonyValance herd of British Saddlebacks. They also breed saddleback cross pietrain for their own farm shop which is open two days a week as well as selling at farmers’ markets. These disciplines combined caring for livestock, food preparation and customer service and added considerably to the rehabilitation of the prisoners.

One of the most famous residents of the prison is Tracy Mackness who left the prison in 2007 and six years later she now runs the award-winning Giggly Pig Company, with a 700-pig farm and shop near Romford.

The Prison had just decided to start showing again, and had planned to exhibit at the South of England Show.

The British Saddleback Breeders Club had their AGM there in October, and closure of the prison will be a loss to the pig keeping world.