Recently i was able to assist Luther & Julie Clevenger of Oregon USA by making introductions to Wendy Scudamore to arrange the export of some new GOS blood to the USA. Wendy with the help of Chris Impey took the new stock after the compulsary length of quarantine to the Netherlands to fly KLM cargo to New York. Mandy Garbutt

Luther kindly sent the following email for those of you who provided pigs for the export.

Pigs from the U.K. Arrived in NY on March 23, 2017

Here is a pic of them unloading my 19 pigs that came in on the 23rd from the U.K.- 15 gilts representing 14 lines and 4 boars – all 4 of the boar lines. They will be in quarantine for 30 days and hopefully all will pass and then head for Oregon. We lost 1 gilt – our only missing line – while in the 60 day quarantine in the U.K.

Some of the pigs were so large I had to have a double deck shipping crate fabricated. They put 12 of the smallest pigs in the top deck and 7 of the largest in the bottom. There are 5 watering nipples on each deck.

Thank You to everyone who assisted in this venture.

Luther Clevenger President