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Saving GOS Bloodlines
If anyone is thinking of culling their herd and has lines which are low in numbers please get in touch with our BPA breed reps Mike Smith or Judith Sims or the Club to see if any lines can be redistributed to other herds to preserve them. In the GOS we have had two significant herd culls that we have just learnt about and lost almost half of one of our lines!!! So please check before you cull. We are here to conserve the breeds and it’s important we work together to that end.
Its always helpful if people let their breed Reps and official breed clubs know of stock they have available for sale. We are all working to ensure breed conservation and supporting the conservation breeding programs for our breeds but if we know particular pigs are available we can help ensure geographical spread and genetic diversity when placing those pigs, as well as ensuring compliance with breed standard.
To keep in the loop of what going on with your breed please join the Club the more breeders that join gives us a stronger united voice to promote and preserve our breed.  See http://www.gospbc.co.uk/the-club/membership/