That is the question. Maria and Andy Brenchley who some of you know from the show circuit and the Millfield herd might just have the answer for you.

“We are MIC Animal Services Ltd, we are a small diagnostic lab based in Suffolk, dealing with parasite diagnostics for all livestock. We are one of only a few labs who deal with diagnosing worm burdens in pigs. Our website, which outlines our range of different diagnostic tests which might be of interest to yourself, and your members can be found at:

Our aim is to let as many pig breeders know that these tests are easily available to them and that they are a cost-effective way of dealing with their parasite control plan. Most breeders worm their pigs as a matter of course. By having faecal egg counts done by us from a faecal sample, we can tell you exactly what parasites you have (if any at all) so you can treat accordingly. It is common for us to find that the sheep don’t need worming at all!

MIC believes that it is important to try and help farmers/ breeders understand different worming plans and help to stop the build-up of resistance on the farm or smallholding alike, which can result in significant savings in time and money.

We would like to offer a 15% discount on all our services and products to all the members of the Gloucestershire Old Spot Breeders Club. Simply go onto our website and when placing your order please type in the promo code ‘GOSPBC15’ which will be valid until the 31st of October 2021.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes, Maria Brenchley

Director, MIC Animal Services

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01986 465144

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