The Type 1 Transport Authorisation will not affect many of our members as it applies mainly to those who transport animals as part of a commercial/economic enterprise. They are not interested in you if you go to the abattoir 2 or 3 times a year or do a show or two or buy/sell the odd pig!

Changes to Type 1 Animal Transporter Authorisations

No automatic renewal from 1 October

Since 1 October the process for renewal of Type 1 Transporter Authorisations has changed and authorisations are no longer renewed automatically. Instead, transporters must submit an application for renewal of their Type 1 authorisations.
Type 1 Transporter Authorisations are required for those transporting animals, as part of an economic activity, on journeys over 65 km and up to eight hours in duration. This includes farmers, livestock and poultry hauliers, and those who move horses in connection with professional riding, livery and stabling. Type 1 transporter authorisation also applies to transporters of other vertebrate species for example cats, dogs and rabbits, provided they fall within the same journey criteria (over 65km and up to eight hours) and operate as part of an economic activity.
Transporter authorisations are valid for five years, and a significant number were renewed in 2012. This means that a very large number of authorisations are due for renewal in 2017 and transporters are urged to apply for renewal at the earliest possible opportunity, to ensure their continued authorisation.
During 2017, there will be 23,341 authorisations due for renewal. Almost 20,000 of those authorisations will expire in the first five months of the year. This is significant additional of work for the Welfare In Transport team at Carlisle; in order to ease the burden on resource and ensure continuity by timely renewal of authorisations, transporters are being asked to apply early and not wait for the expiry date shown on their current authorisations.
Field staff are asked, as part of their business as usual interaction with farmers and hauliers, to raise awareness for checking respective transporter authorisation expiry dates and encourage application for early renewal.
Applications to renew animal transport authorisations can be submitted to APHA’s Welfare in Transport Team by post, email or fax. Renewal application forms and information on how to obtain electronic copies of the renewal application are available on www.GOV.UK.
You can telephone The WIT team on 08456038395 or fax 01905768649 or email