A few people have been asking if it is still possible to do animal movements during the current Covid-19 situation and the answer is yes. We recently had weaners collected from North Yorkshire by our customer in Aberdeen, they come down every spring for half a dozen or more weaners for fattening. We initially contacted the AML team to make sure it was ok to go ahead, they said they were looking at the matter and we very quickly received the following reply.

Good Afternoon, 

In answer to your query about moving and collect feed for animals in the current climate, industry has pulled together and created the attached document for you to take with you when moving animals, travelling to look after animals or travelling to collect supplies such as feed for animals.
This document is to be carried along side the usual movement paperwork that is required for transporting animals.

For more information on assistance during the Coronavirus outbreak please visit https://ahdb.org.uk/ahdb-coronavirus-response

 Kind Regards,AHDB Coronavirus Helpdesk Email: coronavirus.helpdesk@ahdb.org.uk Call: 02476 019361 AHDB Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2TL

 On the same day the BPA also sent out information

Dear BPA member

Please find attached a template letter that you can use when moving off your premises for any purposes related to your pig herd.

This letter should only be used for movements specifically related to your pig business as part of the food supply chain and the health and welfare of your pigs. A copy of this letter is also available from the BPA website.

If you are moving pigs you must have a copy of the movement licence with you. If you are travelling to collect pigs please ask the supplying herd to prepare the licence in advance with your registration number and send you a copy for the outward journey. You must continue to follow advice on social distancing and limit your journeys as much as possible. 

If you are experiencing any issues around feed supply or pig movements for breeding, fattening or slaughter please can you let your breed or regional reps know.

Breed Reps – http://britishpigs.org.uk/breedreps.htm

Regional Reps – http://britishpigs.org.uk/regional_reps.htm

We will continue to update you via email, the BPA website but most immediately through our Twitter account @BritishPigAssoc If you have a smart phone please consider following us for the latest updates. If you prefer not to use Twitter these posts can be seen live on the Pedigree Pork site in the Contacts section here

Armed with this information we duly arranged a date for our customer to collect. Monies were sent by BACS or you could use Paypal and in return a pdf of the AML and a copy of the AHDB document (our customer not a BPA member) were sent by email.

So that was the paperwork sorted now for the practical side. We have stables that we use for farrowing and isolation which are easily accessed by reversing the trailer or vehicle up to them so the weaners were put there. All gates down to the farm were left open ready and on the morning in question our customer arrived and from a safe distance we exchanged pleasantries whilst he changed into disinfected wellies and trousers and then transferred the weaners to his vehicle. After this was done there was a cheerio and away they went. Gate latch was sprayed with disinfectant afterwards as that was the only thing the customer touched. Job done.

We hope this is of some help to you and if you have any questions please ask. You can contact me on 07979858757 or email fowgillfarm@hotmail.co.uk

Happy Pigs arrived in Aberdeenshire!