The GOSPBC has made the difficult decision to not re-open the on-line shop. After much debate the decision was taken for the following reasons:

  • the shop did not generate sufficient income or was widely enough used for the expense and time needed to operate it efficiently.
  • it was felt that club funds could be put to better use as to restock the shop would use a considerable amount of club funds to purchase stock which until sold would be ‘dead’ money.
  • The club is not a commercial enterprise, club funds are to be used for the good of the club members and it was felt the majority of club members would agree with prudent measures at this time.
  • Other bodies like ourselves including the RBST are moving away from merchandising because of similar issues

There will still be a small amount of the ‘old’ merchandise available at the AGM and around some of the shows this year and also through ‘Spot Press’.

If you have any queries regarding this matter please contact any committee member or use the email link at the bottom of the page.

GOSPBC Committee 17/02/15