Recent events have necessitated the implementation of terms and conditions for use of the forum. Please read them before you take part.

When posting on the For Sale, Wanted or For Hire boards please give as much info as possible including your location; It no good putting pigs for sale and you’re in Exeter and the person enquiring is in Aberdeen!;  and a way of contacting you (we are currently updating members list but slow going at moment) either telephone or email address.

After Robin Wilson the previous webmaster stepped down, the club was left without anybody who knew how it worked on a day to day basis other than myself who had worked alongside Robin after Richard Lutwyche’s resignation and so I volunteered to keep an eye on it. With Robin’s help and guidance I was able to learn the basics but have outside IT support for the more technical and intricate work as required.

All the decisions I make are not made alone with referral to fellow committee members as necessitates. Some of the decisions have been difficult and not made lightly. New moderators are being approached to lend a hand and in due course made known to you.

I welcome any suggestions or input from members as regards the website and forum. You can email and they will reach me.

Can I just add that the world runs very much these days on social media and to stay in touch with you all it is imperative that you update us with any new email address,  just today a member applied to use the website and I found they already had that privilege but they had changed their email address and not told us so any recent communications and possibly Spot Press would not have reached them. Please add to your safe senders list and that way you won’t miss out on any news or information.

I will do my best to keep the website up to date and keep you all informed.

Mandy Garbutt (Updated 12th March 2015)