ESSENTIAL TRAVEL, Animal Welfare, Food Production and Key Workers

Those involved in food production and travelling to ensure animal welfare are protected and are working in the food supply chain and are currently classified as a key worker (as defined in Annex 1). Travel may include to premises to care for animals, to collect or deliver feed or to move animals (pick up and drop off).

This is essential to maintain national food security, food safety and animal welfare.

Both the BPA and AHDB have produced documentation to carry with you when you are transporting your pigs. You must still carry your AML2 document as well.

If you are in the BPA you will have received an email from Marcus and his team and a copy to download.

AHDB information is available here

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If you have any problems with either document please email the club and we will send you a copy by return, for the BPA version we will need your HDL and for the AHDB your holding number. This is to ensure only persons entitled use the documentation.

GOSPBC 27/03/20