Official BPA Guidance for Pig Movements and Avian Influenza
Our membership survey suggests that up to 75% of BPA members keep poultry as well as pigs.
The purpose of this document is to guide pig keepers on the impact of Avian Influenza (AI or bird flu) and what you need to if you wish to move pigs to and from your premises. This has been prepared in conjunction with AHDB, the National Pig Association, DEFRA, Welsh Government and APHA. Click here to open a print version of this guidance
The latest information and guidance on Avian Flu can be found on the Government website:
or…/environmentcountr…/ahw/disease/avianflu/… for Wales
Currently the whole of the UK has been declared a PREVENTION ZONE. The purpose of this zone is to minimise the risk of introducing AI to birds. This does not impose any restrictions on pig keepers but appropriate biosecurity measures must be observed where pigs are kept on the same premises as birds. See below for more information
Where cases of AI are confirmed zones are declared around the infected premises.
Typically these are a PROTECTION ZONE (PZ – 3KM) and a SURVEILLANCE ZONE (SZ – 10KM).
Pigs kept at premises within Protection or Surveillance Zones
If your pig premises is within either a protection or surveillance zone then you will need to check on the Defra and Welsh Government websites what additional restrictions apply to your premises. Currently, if you do not have birds on your premises then no additional restrictions apply. However, if birds are also kept on the premises the movement of pigs needs an additional licence under the Avian Influenza control legislation. A general licence has been published on the Defra website that provides for movements from protection and surveillance zones in both England and Wales. You should read this licence to check the terms of any movement. You should also check this remains available and in place at the time of your move. If no licence is available you should contact the APHA licensing team.
In summary, you need to follow these steps:

1. Create a standard pig movement, as usual, using eAML2
2. Print a copy of the EXD247 (AI) (E+W) ‘General licence for movement of mammals from or to premises in the Protection Zone or Surveillance Zone where poultry or other captive birds are kept’

A link to this licence can be found here:…/5…/ai-movement-mammals-pz-sz-exd247.pdf
This general licence requires that you adhere to certain conditions which are on the link above. In brief, you MUST:

· IMMEDIATELY PRIOR to each move inspect the birds on the premises for signs of Avian Flu. If there are any signs of Avian Flu the pigs movement should NOT take place and you should call your vet or APHA

· Keep copies of the general licence AND the eAML2 licence to show as a record of the movement

· Follow guidelines (at the link above) on the cleansing of the vehicle being used for transportation

· Follow guidelines (at the link above) on the cleansing of footwear

When creating a movement licence on eAML2 which is within either a protection or surveillance zone, the system will show an alert which will give links to further information. The system WILL NOT stop you from doing your usual pig licence.

Infected Premises

If you keep pigs on the same premises as birds and AI is detected in these birds, the premises will be declared an infected premises. Pigs will be subject to movement restrictions, and will need to be tested. This may delay the movement of pigs and in the worst case, where the risk of disease is highest, legislation allows for pigs to be culled for disease control purposes. Each situation is dealt with on a case by case basis by APHA/Defra/Welsh Government, following a veterinary risk assessment. This is less likely to happen if you have complied with the rules, practice good biosecurity within the premises and kept your poultry housed.

AI Prevention zone

The rules around housing poultry and other captive birds will change from 28th February 2017. Long term housing of birds affects ‘free range’ status under EU regulations.

In England the planned changes, in the main, are in relation to how birds are housed on premises depending on whether you are in a High Risk Zone or not. A link to the full document can be found here:…/ai-prevention-zone-plans-28_february-2…

To see if you are in a High Risk Area please follow this link and enter your postcode:

In Wales, on the 28th February 2017 there will also be important changes for keepers of poultry and other captive birds. Full details can be found here…/environmentcountr…/ahw/disease/avianflu/…

In short, the above rules will still apply to pig keepers who are moving in or around declared Protection and Surveillance Zones.

For Scotland –

For in Northern Ireland –

GOSPBC Feb 17 2017