Ian Chick attended a meeting at DEFRA in London recently with George Eustice a govt minister for DEFRA for an update on Brexit and the Protected Food Names and will do a short report for Spring Spot Press due out end of March.

DEFRA is looking to develop a working group to steer the PFN’s through the Brexit procedure and DEFRA have generated more publicity regarding Brexit and PFN’s.  BBC Radio 4 Farming Today on the 19th January broadcast an interview with Matthew O’Callaghan Chairman of the UKPFN Association which was recorded the day before the meeting with the minister.  The short clip is just over 2mins in from the beginning.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b088b8n0


Munchies published an interview as well.  https://munchies.vice.com/en_uk/articles/what-will-happen-to-eu-protected-food-names-after-brexit

Channel 4 visited Melton Mowbray last week for an interview on Brexit as part of a wider programme to be broadcast in ‘Dispatches’ at 9pm on 20th February.

We will continue to update you on progress as information becomes available.

GOSPBC 02/02/17