At present we are sifting through the pages of the website doing some updating for example ‘Boars at Stud’ which you should have received an email about. The boars standing at AI have also been updated. As has the Show & Sale page.

The centenary celebrations page has been updated along with the Show & Sale page. A new membership application form has been added and some general housekeeping and tidying.

A copy of the amended constitution is available in the members area alongside a pdf of the new breed leaflet.

We are also working on updating the members list too.

A number of pictures have removed themselves from the website and we are currently trying to retrieve them.

Please send us your show photographs & results especially the one-day ones and we’ll get them uploaded as soon as possible.

A new moderator Suzanne Moss has been appointed for the forum, an ex-head mistress she seems an ideal choice!

As always the club is happy to hear any ideas and suggestions from its members for the smoother running of the club and/or website.

Trust to have informed you well.

Mandy Garbutt GOSPBC 14/05/15