You may recall that in the last Spot Press we told you in the Committee Meeting News that we had discussed the possibilities of developing a ‘Buyers Welcome Pack’ Scheme to encourage members to promote the breed when they sell growing and breeding stock to customers. Well we are happy to tell you this has now gone live..

You will be able to download everything you need from the members area of the website using your user name and log-in. If you don’t have a log-in please email

You will find the following available:

* Welcome to GOS Pigs letter

* PDF of GOS Club leaflet

* PDF BPA leaflet

* Club Application form

* Feedback form

All you need to do is edit the welcome letter and add your EAML document.

If we could ask you to make up these packs to go with each sale you make we hope it will encourage people to join the Club and the BPA.

Quite often when we sell pigs people say they will join the Club and/or the BPA but never get around to it so another way you might encourage GOS buyers to join the Club if they are agreeable is to tag an extra £10 on the bill and say the purchase includes a membership of the Club which you will do for them. You can then use the information from your EAML enrol your customer as an Associate by email member of the Club via the website. You will need their preferred email address.  It only takes a few minutes to do.  There will be a box on the form to for us to count your enrolments. We will be offering a prize at the 2022 AGM to the member who has enrolled the most new members. Hopefully after the initial £10 year they will want to upgrade to a full individual membership(£15) Fingers crossed.

If you require any GOS Club leaflets please let us know

With the prospect of showing once again this year being very small and the chances to get out and promote our breed diminishing using the Breeders Packs is a good way to introduce new entrants to our breed, Club and the BPA.

If you have any queries please contact the Club.